Funding Program: FP7 - IAPP (Industry-Academia Partnerships and Pathways)


Project Number: 286413


Duration of Project: 48 months


Project Name: High-throughput Development of Carbon-Polymer Nanocomposites for Marine Applications, CARBONCOMP



Funding Program: TÜBÝTAK - (TEYDEB) 1507 SME R&D Start Programme Support  


Project No: 7110826


Project Name: Production of Environmentally Friendly Antifouling Paint Reducing Copper Release Rate and Application of Some New Efficient Tests


Main Objectives: Main objective of the project is to develop eco-friendly and cheaper antifouling paint by using a specific sea plant as an antifouling agent which is accumulated in the coasts and burned every year since it causes bad smell and image. Thanks to special structure of the plant, mechanical strength of the paint increased while copper release rate decreased that was proven by static tests. In our project newly developed paints will be tested dynamically in natural sea water and copper release rate of each one will be measured in the laboratory in order to optimize input parameters.